Family Law

Full Legal Representation

Ducharme Law provides full legal representation in your family law matter from preliminary negotiations, through the court process and trial, to collection of your final judgment. Legal matters we will represent you on include:

  • Custody and Access
  • Family Property Division
  • Spousal Support
  • Marriage (pre-nuptial) contracts
  • Separation Agreements

Flat Fee Services

Sometimes you are unable to retain a lawyer for full representation, or maybe your matter is simple enough that you can handle much of it yourself. Ducharme Law can provide you with flat fee services to help you out where you need it most:

  • Preparation of Application/Answer
  • Preparation of Conference Documents
  • One-time Attendance at Case or Settlement Conferences

Legal Coaching

You can handle going to court on your own, you just need some advice on what to expect, what your rights and obligations are, how to bargain effectively. At Ducharme Law you can meet with a lawyer for a coaching session, as many times as you need to over the course of your family law court case. Your lawyer will coach you on:

  • The basic process of a family court Application
  • Your rights and obligations based on your own fact situation
  • Bargaining tips and tricks
  • What to expect from your judge


Marc Ducharme is a trained mediator in family law, and can provide you and your ex-partner with mediation services, if you prefer to work out your issues together instead of fighting it out in court. Prospective mediation clients should agree to this option before calling for a consult, and please advise staff that you are interested in mediation. Once you’ve seen Marc as a client, he cannot mediate between you and your ex-partner.