Construction Law

Construction Lien Litigation

Fighting a construction lien, or putting a lien on title, is a tricky, technical area of law. Marc Ducharme has had seven years’ experience in construction lien law and is ready to represent you whether you are the general contractor, sub-contractor, or owner.

Preparation of Submissions for Arbitration

In October 2019, the final phase of the new Construction Act will take effect. These changes set up a process by which contractors can submit their issues to an arbitrator for a swift decision, without the intervention of the courts.

The idea behind these changes is to get you your money as soon as possible, and to resolve disputes quickly so that the whole job doesn’t grind to a halt, as so often happens. This new system will work best for you if you are prepared in advance with check-lists of what information you will need to send to the arbitrator, before non-payments occur. Ducharme Law can work with your office so that you are ready to take advantage of the new regulations.

Contract Review and Drafting

Be prepared from the very beginning of the job; it’s critical for the smooth operation of your project that you understand from the beginning what you’re agreeing to. Have your contracts reviewed before you sign them.

Certificate Commissioning

Regular clients enjoy same-day availability to have their CCDC certificates commissioned.